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Capital Oversight Advisory operates with one methodology, across all industry and geographical field. It’s a proven structure that enables our team to mobilize our resources expeditiously, and productively. Through our industry-focused approach and reach, we help clients like you manage credit and operational risk, improve performance, and preserve solid results. The risk of procurement fraud applies to virtually every organisation.

Capital Oversight Advisory Division (C.O.A.D.) helps public and private sector organisations identify and design out procurement fraud vulnerabilities. Procurement fraud can strike at any point within the procurement lifecycle. It hits day to day operations. Unfortunately, it is also extremely common to one-off projects. Wherever and whenever it occurs, the potential for procurement fraud to wreak financial and reputational damage is huge.

We maintain the highest standard of integrity in all business relationships, by:

  • Rejecting any business practice which might reasonably be deemed improper
  • Never using my authority or position for my own financial gain
  • Declaring to management any personal interest that might affect, or be seen by others to affect, my impartiality in decision making
  • Ensuring that the information I give in the course of my work is accurate and not misleading
  • Never breaching the confidentiality of information I receive in a professional capacity
  • Striving for genuine, fair and transparent competition
  • Being truthful about my skills, experience and qualifications


How we work

Our team accelerate your business achievements. Many consulting firms think only about business strategy; some physically deploy technology; Our Advisory services assist and execute enterprise-wide performance transformation initiatives. We turn strategy into reality. For ongoing operations we take a lessons learned approach, identifying historical abuse, introducing procurement fraud strategies and strengthening controls and policies to mitigate against future losses. 

Our advisory service is always tailored to the specific concerns of each organisation with whom we work, typically, our services include:

  • Project reviews
  • Review procurement and tender paperwork
  • Review category management spend
  • Identify key areas of weakness within project stages
  • Identify key controls that are required to mitigate procurement fraud
  • Implement targeted mitigation

Operational reviews

  • Review existing strategies, policies and procurement fraud controls
  • Review existing anti-procurement fraud red flags that indicate historical, ongoing or future procurement fraud losses
  • Identify issues
  • Report back on any areas of weakness that may require further investigation
  • Amend and or write new policies, strategies and processes to combat procurement fraud

Supplier and Partner reviews

  • Review partner, contractor and subcontractor controls
  • Identify risks
  • Remedy deficiencies

Capital reviews

  • Comparison of your fraud control measures against the standard and advising on how best to:
  • Identify the risk of procurement fraud
  • Mitigate procurement fraud
  • Actively manage related risks
  • Detect, report and respond to allegations or suspicions
  • Monitor, review and implement control measures

 Our Team

Capital Oversight’s team of professionals have a wide array of specialized industry knowledge and experience. Our team advisory-2is highly regarded for its expertise in a wide range of financial and strategic services, including industry specific fraud, prevention methods, and other mitigation methodologies.

We set and follow par-excellent standards, giving us credibility, expertise, knowledge, and resources that are second to none. By applying these standards we can maintain benchmark integrity, and make sure our clients benefits from consistently high levels of competence within our workforce. With keen insights, we are able to navigate markets and view objectives from the client’s perspective.

The Benefitsconsult-4

We bring a solutions-oriented mindset and fresh thinking to each assignment. Our ability to deliver solutions is the result of our highly experienced and extremely capable team that is able to drill down into complex issues, as well as a framework of interactive relationships and the expansive perspective that comes with Capital Oversight.

Moreover, as businesses and management seek to unlock value, the need for independent advice in complex situations, has become more critical than ever. We will continue to meet your needs with our unique approach and unwavering commitment.  There are many types of fraud. Schemes are constantly developed, evolving, and expanding. Capital Oversight Advisory helps you understand and address your vulnerabilities which ultimately will help you to:  

  • Prevent profit erosion
  • Protect your reputation
  • Maintain an ethical supply chain
  • Make cost savings
  • Promote integrity

Enhance your organisational performance
Produce a detailed analysis of what needs to be in your procurement plan and, by benchmarking your procurement professionals against the competencies, identifies gaps in team capability and corresponding development needs. It therefore enables you to:

  • Deliver your procurement plan cost effectively, making significant savings
  • Put in place cost-effective, targeted training and development to plug gaps and meet organisational needs
  • Build a cadre of well-trained and motivated staff, reducing turnover and making associated cost savings
  • Provide objective and measurable evidence of effective management in the procurement function to senior managers, the Board and shareholders
  • Influence and improve ethical practices in the supply chain through implementing ethical procurement policies and practices across your organisation.


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