Business identity theft happens every day. Business identity theft is an increasing challenge, for consumer, and commercial sectors of our economy, and also for law enforcement… with little or no indemnification. Billions of loss revenue each year is attributed to the unauthorized use,theft, possession, manipulation, and infringement of business information. Nefarious subjects relentlessly preys upon your company’s ineptitude, negligence, and operational deficiencies, in executing their numerous schemes. These progressively active schemes include the Hijacking of your business,by establishing: false locations and bank accounts, manipulation of your business credit file, and corporate information, thus, generating enormous debt in your business name without knowledge or consent.

Biz-Trac is a 24/7 committed business monitoring solution, that identifies adverse changes, conflicts, and inconsistencies, in your business information, operation, and corporate structure. Subtly and imperceptible, Biz-Trac relentlessly works behind the scenes, protecting privileged assets, and ensuring the validity, integrity, and permanence of your business information.

Biz-Trac 15 point Deviated Index is unique, and unmatched in its search methodology. Notification is immediate to your choice of text, phone, or email, to an authorized representative. Capital Oversight strong solution components, actionable insights, extensive knowledge, experience, passion, effectiveness, have built lasting relationships with each client. Protecting your company’s identity is what Biz-Trac provide impeccably well. Owning this pre-emptive solution is effective, and essential in protecting your business invaluable name, image, integrity, financial growth, and reputation. Within hours of owning “Biz-Trac” you will have the ultimate advantage and benefits of identity protection, along with an assured peace of mind.