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What is Biz-Trac®

Biz-Trac is a 24/7 committed business monitoring solution, that identifies adverse changes, conflicts, and inconsistencies, in your business information, operation, and corporate structure. Subtly and most imperceptible, Biz-Trac relentlessly works behind the scenes:

  • Protecting privileged assets, ensuring the validity, integrity, and permanence of your business information.

  • Biz-Trac 15 points of protection is unique, and unmatched in its direct search, detection and tracking methodology.

  • Notification is immediate to your choice of text, phone, or email, to an authorized representative.

  • Biz-Trac vigorously protects, business from illicit identity use, manipulation, and theft.

  • A new and active solution, to a growing problem and concern for today’s business.

Effective Monitoring

Relentlessly protecting your company’s most valuable information. Without this solution, your company will always be at Risk! Get Protected!

Instant Alert

Biz-Trac protects and alerts your business instantly, with an assured peace of mind. Take a preemtive step. Protect your business Today!


Loss to Fraud Per Hour
Percentage of Revenue lost to Theft & Fraud
Monthly Reports of Fraud
Median Monthly Loss to Business (in Thousands)

Benefits of Biz-Trac

Owning this preemptive solution is effective, and essential in protecting your business invaluable name, image, integrity, financial growth, and reputation.


  • Within hours of owning Biz-Trac, you will have the ultimate advantage, and benefits of identity protection, along with an assured peace of mind.

  • Companies of all sizes use Biz-Trac to actively protect against Identity Theft, and monitor critical business information. Biz-Trac prevents identity thieves from changing your business filings and registration records.

Biz Trac Actively:

  • Protects your business name, records, and filings.

  • Monitor and verify business registered agent.

  • Prompt notification of changes to business record.

  • Prevents entity hijacking and address mirroring

  • Stops manipulation of business credit record

  • Fiercely stops financial and productivity loss

  • Protects against fraudulent business filing

  • Monitor legal standing and status.

  • Annual and statutory renewal notification

  • Preempt fraudulent business purchases

How Biz-Trac Works


Biz-Trac actively monitors your business identity 24/7, identifies adverse changes, conflicts, and inconsistencies, in your business information, operation, and corporate structure with the Secretary of State.


Immediate Alerts & Notifications by email, phone or text , such as mergers, acquisitions, UCC-1 statements, and bankruptcy filings, so that you always know what is being reported on your business, including lawsuits, liens, and judgments.


Protects your company’s invaluable name, image, integrity, financial growth, and reputation. Within minutes your business credit file, name, address, officers, directors, and web portal will be monitored.


Biz-Trac keeps your organization in annual statutory compliance. Notifies you of current legal filings and recent changes that may affect your company, including lawsuits, liens, and judgments, which may be the result of fraudulent activities.

YOUR BUSINESS DESERVES FRAUD PROTECTION.   Protect your company’s Name, Identity, Operations, and Reputation.

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In many cases, the purchase of these products may mitigate business insurance premium cost, or render as an applicable credit or deductible, for purposes of Federal, and or State income tax. Check with your accountant or tax advisers for applicability.

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