How much does it cost to process credit applications

Cost is tiered based on number of prospective credit applicants.

Validating Prospects:

1 – 25

26 -65





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What is F.I.T.S.

Financial Information and Trade Solution (F.I.T.S.) is utilized by Credit/Loan departments to authenticate prospective credit applicants.

Does iScrutinize Replaces my Financial Adviser, Broker or Firm?

No. iScrutinize solution product is not intended to replace, your current Financial Adviser, Broker, or Investment Firm.

What is iScrutinize

iScrutinize  is an investment oversight product the provides validation.


How long does it take to process a refund?

How effective is Biz-Trac?

After enrollment……

Business ID Theft

How serious is Business Identity Theft?


Enrollment in Biz-Trac is easy…..

Choice of Notification

You will have 3 choice of being notified…