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Business Solutions

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When you get right down to it, success is all about value and trust.

Value is a product of trust. The trust your clients have in you. The trust you have in your people, strategies and systems. And the trust you have in your business advisors. No matter how big you are, public or private, and in what industries or sectors you do business, we can help you work smarter and reach your goals. 

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Business identity theft happens every day. Business identity theft is an increasing challenge, for consumer, and commercial sectors of our economy, and also for law enforcement… with little or no indemnification. Billions of loss revenue each year is attributed to the unauthorized use,theft, possession, manipulation, and infringement of business information. Nefarious subjects relentlessly preys upon your company’s ineptitude, negligence, and operational deficiencies, in executing their numerous schemes. These progressively active schemes include the Hijacking of your business,by establishing: false locations and bank accounts, manipulation of your business credit file, and corporate information, thus, generating enormous debt in your business name without knowledge or consent.

Biz-Trac is a 24/7 committed business monitoring solution, that identifies adverse changes, conflicts, and inconsistencies, in your business information, operation, and corporate structure. Subtly and imperceptible, Biz-Trac relentlessly works behind the scenes, protecting privileged assets, and ensuring the validity, integrity, and permanence of your business information.

Biz-Trac 15 point Deviated Index is unique, and unmatched in its search methodology. Notification is immediate to your choice of text, phone, or email, to an authorized representative. Capital Oversight strong solution components, actionable insights, extensive knowledge, experience, passion, effectiveness, have built lasting relationships with each client. Protecting your company’s identity is what Biz-Trac provide impeccably well. Owning this pre-emptive solution is effective, and essential in protecting your business invaluable name, image, integrity, financial growth, and reputation. Within hours of owning “Biz-Trac” you will have the ultimate advantage and benefits of identity protection, along with an assured peace of mind.  


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Capital Oversight’s Asset Verification Unit, provide field inspections, verifications, and inventory auditing services for the equipment leasing, commercial lending, wholesale credit, and floor plan financing industries.Our mission is to provide our customers with accurate and timely reporting from the field with superior service. Backed by a nationwide professional network of inspectors and a robust technology platform, our risk management tools are now among the most advanced in this global industry.

As due diligence experts with over two decades of experience, along with our parent company’s nearly two centuries of experience, we understand how to minimize your exposure and manage your risk in an ever-changing marketplace. Our services are offered nationally.

Equipment Inspections

Leasing companies, funders and lease-brokers have long relied upon Capital Oversight’s detailed equipment lease inspection reports for field verification of nearly any type of equipment.While originally designed to meet the stringent risk management needs of the leasing industry,our inspection reports are an ideal verification solution for non-lease transactions as well.

Site Inspections

Commercial lenders frequently utilize our site inspection reports during the pre-funding due diligence process and for regular portfolio management. Clients can choose between our comprehensive internal/external site inspection report and our concise, yet economical “drive- by” verification report.

Merchant Site Inspections

Designed to serve the merchant advance industry, our merchant site inspection report provides clients with a fast, nationwide and cost-effective means to prevent fraud and evaluate credit risk in the field. The on-site inspection provides verification of merchant information, business conditions and active credit card terminals.

Collection Inspections

Our nationwide commercial collections are a cost-effective means of managing risk in the field, providing you with accurate and timely information. Each collection visit includes a detailed on- site inspection report in addition to a check pickup request. Clients can choose between our comprehensive collection inspection report that includes collateral verification and our concise, yet economical “door knock” collection visit.


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Today many Organization lack the resources and personnel required to perform effective due diligences. Often, businesses are under time, and budget constraints. The offering of a credit facility is the most utilized financing tool and attractive revenue generating vehicle. Thus, vetting of any potential credit offering to prospecting customers is critical and a proven mandate of good, sound, and shrewd business practice.

Capital Oversight Financial Information & Trade Solution (FITS) is the most efficacious and efficient answer, your business can employ in its credit underwriting program. This dynamic business solution will validate and authenticate not only trade and financial information, but also, the underlying prospecting entity.

Capital Oversight will validate your prospective customers, so your underwriter, and credit manager will have shrewd, verified, current, and absolute information. The proprietary vetting methodology utilized in this solution far exceeds conventional business processes. Validating prospect data can be securely submitted to us 24/7 for processing. This beneficial and invaluable solution in your organization’s arsenal will:

(1) Reduce Cost

(2) Increase Operation efficiency

(3) Convenient Processing

(4) Formidable competitive advantage

(5) Fast and Reliable Results

(6) Strong revenue stream of valued customers

The principles, matriculation, and systemic controls borne, and diffused within this product are circumspectly tooled to dramatically maximize efficiency, flexibility, retrenchment, and risk aversion concerns. Capital Oversight has an extensive relationship with over 3700 major national, regional, and Community Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions.

Simply, we are your business validation solution. Our exceptional and distinctive set of resources, capabilities, actionable insight, performance, and knowledge will be an imperative asset to your business.


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Filing your business formation papers is an event that creates a new, legal entity with ongoing duties and responsibilities. One of those duties is to appoint and maintain a registered agent (sometimes known as a resident agent or statutory agent). You must appoint your registered agent when you file the paperwork to form your business. If you are thinking of expanding into a new state, you must file for a certificate of authority (foreign qualification) and appoint a registered agent in the new state.

Once your business has been formed, or your certificate of authority has been issued, you must maintain a registered agent in each state, until your entity officially terminates. Your registered agent is your point of contact with state agencies and courts. For that reason, your registered agent must have a physical address in the state: a post office box won’t do. What’s more, your agent must always be available during normal working hours, throughout the year. 

Your registered agent receives official legal documents on your company’s behalf. It is critical that each official state document is handled correctly and delivered to you promptly, so that you are aware of filing deadlines and court proceedings that affect your business. Your agent also serves as your eyes and ears in the state, monitoring developments that can impact your company. We understand the obligations of registered agents inside and out.

Capital Oversight stay abreast of the constantly changing business compliance landscape. Our experienced professionals are ready to deliver Registered Agent services with the quality, value and convenience your business deserves.


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Who are we?

Capital Oversight Advisory operates with one methodology, across all industry and geographical field. It’s a proven structure that enables our team to mobilize our resources expeditiously, and productively. Through our industry-focused approach and reach, we help clients like you manage credit and operational risk, improve performance, and preserve solid results.

How we work

Our team accelerate your business achievements . Many consulting firms think only about business strategy; some physically deploy technology; Our Advisory services assist and execute enterprise-wide performance transformation initiatives. We turn strategy into reality.

Our Team

Our team of professionals have a wide array of specialized industry knowledge and experience. Our team is highly regarded for its expertise in a wide range of financial and strategic services, including industry specific fraud, prevention methods, and other mitigation methodologies. With keen insights, we are able to navigate markets and view objectives from the client’s perspective.

Our Solutions

We bring a solutions-oriented mindset and fresh thinking to each assignment. Our ability to deliver solutions is the result of our highly experienced and extremely capable team that is able to drill down into complex issues, as well as a framework of interactive relationships and the expansive perspective that comes with Capital Oversight. Moreover, as businesses and management seek to unlock value, the need for independent advice in complex situations, has become more critical than ever. We will continue to meet your needs with our unique approach and unwavering commitment.



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      • Excellent client service .
      • Innovative Tools and In Depth Research .
      • Value for your Money .
      • Guaranteed Security .
      • Expertised team tailored for you .


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[title size=”2″]What Client’s Say[/title]
[testimonial name=” Caren L” company=”Biz-Trac client since “]Capital Oversight informed me about a person in Texas, who tried to open an ATT commercial account with 25 lines and cell phones, after changing my corporate information with the secretary of State. The person(s) also used the company’s Tax ID number. Since then our company’s information has being monitored by Biz-Mon![/testimonial]
[testimonial name=”Craig V” company=”Biz-Trac”]I received a call from a Collection Agency, stating our company owed over $67K on a commercial net account. The account was 90 days past due. We gave Capital Oversight a call, & found that all our company’s information was changed with the Secretary of State by a fraudulent office. Capital Oversight helped us in the investigation & prevented further loss.[/testimonial]
[testimonial name=”Lisa B” company=”Biz-Trac”]My company got a call from Medical Supply company saying, ‘He want to verify a pending application that we submitted.’I said,Nobody from us made such application. We lost over $160K, in resolving this fraudulent play. If only we has Biz-Mon, we would have been notified that someone fraudulently changed & used our company’s name.[/testimonial]

In many cases, the cost of these products may be tax deductible for purposes of Federal and/or State income tax. Check with your tax advisors.

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