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Today many Organization lack the resources and personnel required to perform effective due diligences. Often, businesses are under time, and budget constraints. The offering of a credit facility is the most utilized financing tool and attractive revenue generating vehicle. Thus, vetting of any potential credit offering to prospecting customers is critical and a proven mandate of good, sound, and shrewd business practice.

Capital Oversight Financial Information & Trade Solution (FITS) is the most efficacious and efficient answer, your business can employ in its credit underwriting program. This dynamic business solution will validate and authenticate not only trade and financial information, but also, the underlying prospecting entity.

Capital Oversight will validate your prospective customers, so your underwriter, and credit manager will have shrewd, verified, current, and absolute information. The proprietary vetting methodology utilized in this solution far exceeds conventional business processes. Validating prospect data can be securely submitted to us 24/7 for processing. This beneficial and invaluable solution in your organization’s arsenal will:

(1) Reduce Cost

(2) Increase Operation efficiency

(3) Convenient Processing

(4) Formidable competitive advantage

(5) Fast and Reliable Results

(6) Strong revenue stream of valued customers

The principles, matriculation, and systemic controls borne, and diffused within this product are circumspectly tooled to dramatically maximize efficiency, flexibility, retrenchment, and risk aversion concerns. Capital Oversight has an extensive relationship with over 3700 major national, regional, and Community Banks, Credit Unions, and Financial Institutions.

Simply, we are your business validation solution. Our exceptional and distinctive set of resources, capabilities, actionable insight, performance, and knowledge will be an imperative asset to your business.

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