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Prevent your business from being a victim of identity theft

Biz-Trac offers the most proactive real time anti-theft solution for your business.

Peace of Mind

Rest assured that you will be notified 24/7 if your business data is changed or manipulated

Statutory Compliance

Keeping your business compliant and up to date with State and Federal business laws

Proactive Mitigation

Anticipate and control potential risks before damage to business operations and the bottom line

Benefits of Biz-Trac


As increase opportunities for business identity theft arise, it is imperative that you are protecting your business assets NOW. Are you at risk? Don't wait to find out! Get Protected today.

Live support

100% U.S. based Live Business Support Specialist is available 24/7 to help you. Expert guidance through every step if business ID theft strikes.


Biz-trac search hundreds of data sources every day, for your business name, tax id number and other valuable business data. So you can see if your information is at risk.


Notifications are sent immediately to the authorized person at your business. So you can confirm or take action. Alerts are sent via E-mIL, Text, or Phone Call.


We are on it, and you should be likewise. Our comprehensive tools help mitigate the potential for fraud or any unauthorized activities.

Statutory Notification

Monitor state deadlines to ensure annual state reports are filled timely. Update state with current and correct business information. Peace of mind year over year that your company is in compliance.


Enrolment is easy. Just choose the plan type for your business, and we will process the rest.  

Your business will be monitored 24/7 for any changes, conflicts, manipulation or new filings to your corporate record. 

Alerts and notifications will be sent to an authorized person on your account via text and/or phone call. 

We will assist you in resolving any conflicts with the help of law enforcement or State agency.



Companies of all sizes use Biz-Trac to actively protect against Identity Theft, and monitor critical business information.

we make it easy

Protect your business identity, officers, and directors with Biz-Trac. No other business credit history is quite like yours. Let's keep it that way with Biz-Trac.

Effective Business Identity Protection


The instant we detect any tampering, manipulation or change in your business information, we are on it.

Notification & Alerts

You will be notified via text, phone call immediately to the authorized agent or personnel on file.

Statutory Compliance

Safeguard and protect your business good standing status, and avoid the risk of fines and penalties. Maintain regulatory compliance within the United States and Canada.

30 day money back guarantee

Effective business identity solutions that protects business, monitor core operational information, and mitigate credit risks

How easily Business ID Theft Occurs

The Search

Domestic and international thieves scour online records for incorporated business. Thieves simply utilize many State recorder’s online document retrieval and recording systems, to digitally record forged information.  Location and size of business does not matter.  Your business could have one or multiple locations throughout the United States and Canada. 

The Manipulation

Once the nefarious subjects change your business ownership or management operation information from YOUR BUSINESS to THEM, they re-file a statement of Information for your business (Usually within 72 hours) with the Secretary of State, so your business records now reflect the fraudulent information.

The Steal Begins...

They take out business and personal loans through banks and online lenders using all your pre existing business information…..and disappear.  You likely won’t know you or your business is a victim, until you start receiving late payments or collection notices.

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