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who we are

We deliver solutions that protect your business most invaluable information. Relentlessly protecting your company’s identity, corporate information, and reputation is what we do well.

Our Company

We are a diverse team with unique perspectives. United in our purpose, our strategy and our culture. Driven by our ambition and the power of technology to drive human progress. Unwavering in our commitment to equality, trust and advocacy for one another.

Our Purpose

Prevent, Detect and Respond to business identity theft in today’s digital world.

Protecting critical business information from internal and external threats, each day.


Making an impact is foundational to who we are. Every day each contribution  collectively is attributed to our success. At the center of it all are our eight core values. And those values aren’t just words on paper or website. They are the principles we use to make great things happen for our customers and employees. 

Our core values


The most vital component of our operation and company are our employees. Weve got you covered at every stage of your life with our comprehensive benefits package that is designed with you and your family in mind. 

Customer Service

We only succeed when our customers succeed. Work every day to earn our customers’ business and trust. Listen to our customers, understand their needs and pain points, and focus on what matters to them. Deliver services our customers love. 


Be open, honest and respectful. Speak up and communicate candidly, even when it makes you uncomfortable or may be something others don’t want to hear. Constructive, respectful disagreement and debate encourages better problem-solving and decisions. 

Profitability & Sustainability

Long-term economic success is what helps us provide employees and customers with the best solutions, and services. While essential, profitability is not why we exist. Simply, at Capital Oversight we exist to make and provide great service products.


Build our service product and company like it’s yours, because it is. Hold yourself and others accountable at all times. Take initiative and ownership. Be responsible. Step up, own issues and resolve them. If you make a mistake, own it, fix it, learn from it and move on.

Work Equity

Results matter! Work hard and smart. Execute. Be precise and accountable, yet nimble and agile. Make commitments, follow through and deliver, while building relationships based on trust.

With Capital Oversight, your business is always alert and vigilant to thwart any Identity theft risks

We use unique, custom-built tools to give us the edge

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We Are inspired by the business we help protect.

We bring together our people, passions, and powerful technology to support social and environmental priorities that foster a safer and more sustainable future for consumers, their digital information, and the world.

Ethics & Integrity

At Capital Oversight, good business begins with our commitment to the highest ethical standards.  We adhere to the following core principles:

  • Integrity, by conducting business according to high ethical standards
  • Respect for our employees, customers, vendors, partners, and the communities in which we work and live
  • Honesty in our internal and external communications and all business transactions
  • Quality in our products and services, striving to deliver the highest value to our customers and partners
  • Responsibility for our words and actions, confirming our commitment to do what we say
  • Fairness through adherence to applicable laws, regulations, policies and a high standard of behavior

We encourage you to read our policies to learn more about the legal and ethical standards we uphold and embrace.


  • Integrity has always been at the heart of Capital Oversight’s culture. While our business has transformed dramatically over the years, our core values and commitment to operating with the highest ethical standards have remained constant.
  • Capital Oversight’s Code of Business Conduct outlines the principles that guide our interactions with employees, customers, partners, and communities.
  • We hold ourselves to these principles in everything we do.
  • We strive to communicate openly and honestly, to act fairly and responsibly, and foster a vibrant, safe, and diverse work environment.
  • In simple terms, our Code reflects our promise always to do the right thing. It is a key reason we are among the world’s most admired companies, and it is vital to our ongoing success.